Homily by Kristen Larson

Did you ever get in trouble when you were a kid?  And when you got caught, did you let your parents think it was some other kid’s fault?  Perhaps it was that bad little Johnny from down the street, it was his idea.  And most parents are happy to let that be the story:  some other kid got my kid to do something bad, because my kid would never do something like that, not my little darling…. Click here to read more of Deacon Stephen’s Homily.

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Homily February 17, 2019 by Kristen Larson

Deacon Stephen Hester shared his reflection on today’s Gospel reading from Luke 6:17, 20-26.

What is Jesus talking about? This is one of those passages, one of those teachings of our Lord, that leaves us wondering if he really just said what it sounded like he said.  Jesus obviously never followed up a sermon with a collection, because anybody that’s been behind an ambo knows you can’t talk to rich people that way, and then ask them for money.  That’s not an effective fundraising strategy.

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