Facility Use

Policy and Suggested Donations for the use of the St. Andrew Parish Facilities Priority is always given to Parish religious services, religious education programs and Parish events in that order. Then other requests will be considered on a first come basis.

No requests will be considered from persons or groups known to be in public opposition to the Universal or Diocesan Church's theology, moral teaching and Law. Partisan political groups or persons may not use Roman Catholic facilities in the Diocese of Providence for partisan political functions.

Requests for the use of the Chapel Street Church or the Parish Center, Spring Street, must be in writing and dated for chronological filing.


Chapel Street Church & Parish Center Spring Street

Chapel Street Church is a sacred place and space. It requires respect and reverence no matter the event being held: lecture, play, etc. Per order of the Fire Marshal, attendees must not exceed 300 persons. 

The Parish Center on Spring Street accommodates up to 90 persons. The suggested donations are the same as for the Chapel Street Church.

The suggested donation is $50 for the first hour and $25 for each additional hour. During the heating season an additional $30 is suggested. 

If an admission fee is collected, then the donations to the Church could be $75/$25. Checks payable to: St. Andrew Catholic Church.


Each Facility Use Request must state:

  • Name and purpose of the group, address, contact person and telephone

  • Which facility and the estimated number of those attending because the Parish does not have regular janitorial services, each organizer must agree to setup, Break down and cleanup; bag refuse and garbage and remove them from the premises.

  • The reserving person or group must be responsible for complying with all local Laws and Ordinances.

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